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Turelk Submits
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Priscilla Estrada submits quality proposals in less time.

About Turelk

Turelk was founded in 1978and quickly established itself as the leading tenant improvement contractor forSouthern California and operate out of three offices: Long Beach, NewportBeach, and Los Angeles. Their commitment to their clients is paramount and demonstrated through pursuing the highest level of quality into every project. Turelk specializes in tenant interior construction, core/shell renovation and seismic retrofit construction. The firm has completed projects for well-known brands such as Taco Bell, Jacobs, Wells Fargo, and Audi.

A Daunting Proposal Challenge

Turelk was challenged with creating 4-5 proposals per week (20 – 25 a month) with either Word or Adobe Acrobat. Being a three-office firm, information was not centralized, and the documents the marketing team worked with were often unstable and crashed often. Typically, static brochures were handed out to clients and project managers in lieu of custom proposals.  

EricSchmitz (BD Manager) and Priscilla Estrada (Executive Assistant) became interested in looking for solutions when they realized their team was challenged to produce quality, customized proposals quickly. With their current resources, they weren't able to compete with other firms.  

Creating Customized Proposals Fast

The entire proposal experience at Turelk changed during a life science project pursuit, Prisicilla explains, "We had limited information, but the client wanted a packet of our life science experience. So we did what we typically did, and submitted a brochure with minimal customization.When we presented it to the construction manager's project manager, he said,'honestly, this doesn't really feel like a life science project. You're just giving us your brochure.' I decided to re-do the submittal using ProjectMark. I customized the entire proposal. It only had life science experience with resumes tailored to life science as well. It looked so much better! When I sent it back to the same construction manager, the project manager was extremely impressed and we ultimately won the bid." 

Results Speak for Themselves

Prisicilla is amazed at how much better her team is doing since implementing ProjectMark, "We're doing so much better than we have in the past two years. During one of our pursuits, we were teamed with an architect, and the architect was amazed by the look of our proposals, 'This looks amazing,' he said, 'I can tell you put the effort in.' Although we're not spending any more time on our proposals, the results are so much better. Our marketing team is now starting to get noticed by the C-Suite because our work product has improved so much since we started with ProjectMark." 

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