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BLC Builders Making an Impact in the Reno Market

BLC Builders Makes an Impact in the Reno Market by using ProjectMark.

A Little About BLC Builders

Mark Folgner and Kevin Tappan founded BLC Builders in 2021 and the company quickly made a name for itself in the Reno, Nevada market. By the end of 2022, they will have completed more than $25 million in construction projects.

A Centralized Marketing Platform

BLC brings creative solutions to both tenant improvement and ground-up projects, and that same passion for finding great solutions led them to find ProjectMark to help with the challenges they were experiencing in their marketing efforts. As those that start a new business can attest to, creating a way to stay organized despite the daily operational challenges can be quite a feat. ProjectMark offered BLC the ability to “condense all of their marketing materials into once place so that they could be easily accessible by multiple members of the team.”

Leveraging the Power of Microsites

In addition, ProjectMark’s network account profile coupled with the ability create microsites, allowed BLC to create a dynamic website themselves without having to pay a marketing firm thousands of dollars. By leveraging the tools ProjectMark has to offer, they were able to create an online presence as well as customized microsite proposals which gave them an innovative marketing edge when compared to their competitors, “We got the ‘wow factor’ without having to spend a lot of time,” says founder Mark Folgner. Instead of spending more than 10 hours on a pursuit, they were now only spending one to two hours and only needing to focus on project specific information and finishing touches.

Getting Noticed in the Reno Market

With ProjectMark’s centralized platform, smart content management system, and easy to manage proposal generation tools, BLC will continue to make a name for itself through its marketing efforts in the Reno market and beyond.

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