ProjectMark Secures $3 Million in Funding to Revolutionize Commercial Construction CRM
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Elevate Your Subcontracting Business with Tailor-Made CRM Solutions

Unveil a new era of operational excellence with the easiest-to-use
CRM system, purpose-built for Specialty Contractors.

The Bid Bottleneck

Ever feel like your firm is running on a hamster wheel with organizing inundated bid requests? ย 

Does it seem like implementing a new software might be more of a hindrance than help?

Is too much time being spent chasing unqualified bids?

Our Groundbreaking Solution

Our user-centric, AI-optimized platform is the transformative edge your subcontracting business has been seeking.

More About Our Next-Gen Offering:
One Central Hub for All Your Needs

ProjectMark CRM Pipeline View

Bid Pipeline Management

Streamlining bids is simplified with features like bid tracking, ย visual pipeline representation, and historical data analysis. This ensures efficient bid progression and maximizes win rates.

ProjectMark Importing Tool

Relationship Management

Effective client relationships are fostered through contact management, communication tracking, client segmentation, and team collaboration features.

ProjectMark Reporting

Unified Information Management

A centralized data repository, document management, reporting, and scalability features ensure all bid-related data is easily accessible and well-organized. This improves decision-making, project efficiency, and business scalability.

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