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Dempsey Construction Makes an Impact with ProjectMark

Connor Davidson photo and quote: "I turned out SOQs before noon. That wouldn't have been possible prior to ProjectMark"

A Little About Dempsey Construction

Dempsey Construction is a relatively young, boutique General Contracting firm based in San Diego with 64 employees. Dempsey specializes in commercial, historic renovation, and ground-up construction across multiple market segments. Michaela Weibel joined Dempsey mid in 2021 as the Director of Marketing and was tasked with a complete rebrand for the 12-year-old company. In order to help elevate the Dempsey brand and establish them in the market as the innovative and technologically advanced firm they had become, she enlisted ProjectMark.

Leveraging the Power of Analytics with Microsites

Michaela first used ProjectMark’s Microsites as a way to quickly generate an interactive experience for making a great first impression with a prospect, “When we're sending something out for a new client, ProjectMark makes the most sense because it’s interactive and you can present more information.” Previously, Michaela would spend hours designing project maps in InDesign, and now it only takes her a few quick steps and she’s created an interactive project map that customers can zoom in and see all of a specific project’s details. Not only does Michaela get a truly specialized, and interactive experience for her prospect, she gets critical analytics from ProjectMark as well, “Tracking the analytics will help us tailor and fix things where they need to be done. So, we make those sections even better.”

Being First to Make an Impact

In addition to ProjectMark’s Microsite feature, Michaela is using the Design+ feature to reduce the amount of time she spends generating proposals, “I turned out two SOQs before noon. That wouldn't have been able to be done prior to ProjectMark. Timing is everything. If we can respond quicker, (within a day or two), that's huge for us!”

Doubling Revenue

Now that Dempsey Construction has fully implemented ProjectMark, they won’t miss out on important opportunities by not being able to respond fast enough. Last year they did $100 million in revenue and Michaela believes they’ll come close to doubling that this year.

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